Product description

Multi-Gyn ActiGel offers direct relief of itch, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness, related to bacterial problems.
It treats and prevents bacterial vaginosis (BV) and additional complaints like undesired discharge and odor.

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Customer questions

How often do I need to use Multi-Gyn ActiGel?
For treatment of vaginal discomforts, we advise using Multi-Gyn ActiGel for 5 consecutive days, twice a day to maintain a healthy pH level in your vagina.

When will I feel the effect?
You can feel an immediate effect, especially with symptoms, such as irritation or itching. However this can be different for each person.

Does Multi-Gyn ActiGel have any side effects?
No, the product has no known side effects.

My discomforts are gone, do I need to continue using Multi-Gyn ActiGel?
No, there is no need to continuously use Multi-Gyn ActiGel. If you like, you can use Multi-Gyn ActiGel several times a week .

Does Multi-Gyn ActiGel affect the use of antibiotics?
No, Multi-Gyn ActiGel doesn’t affect antibiotics in a negative way. In fact, we advise using Multi-Gyn ActiGel during or after the use of any antibiotics treatment.

Do I have to use the full tube?
Using Multi-Gyn ActiGel gives you direct relief of your discomforts. Only the amount of a fingertip (2 cc) is needed for it to be effective.

If you have any further problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Where to buy

Multi-Gyn products can be bought without prescription in pharmacies and drugstores in over 40 countries around the world.

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Multi-Gyn ActiGel
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 7 reviews
 by Anonymous

Found this product from my female gynecologist last friday. I've struggled with this 'bv' for more than two months. After applied this safe &natural awesome crystal gel, i've felt immediate relief and the result is very well. Thank you multi-gyn.

 by Anonymous

Excellent Product. Worked wonders though it stung quite a bit.

 by Anonymous

Thank god for this gel! After 20 years of problems I finally have found this gel which really helps!

 by Anonymous

This cream is amazing!!!

 by Anonymous

The best product I have ever used! Ive suffered with bv for 15 years ate loads of yogurt took (very expensive) probiotics and health supplements and spent too much money at the doctors trying to cure and prevent it with no luck. I even gave up smoking for 2 years and ate the healthiest diet a young adult could eat still no luck. Ive tried all sorts of creams to insert with little or no effect. A week ago I Read in a bv forum a lady who does everything I do to keep it at bay but I had no tried the Multi-Gyn actigel yet. I thought to myself why not give this product a try it was my last hope. I feel sooo much better already its the best ive felt in such a long time. Best of all no yucky smell watery discharge and itchy vagina. Im going to continue using this product thank you guys so much for solving this problem of mine. Your number one fan and most loyal customer xx

 by Anonymous

Struggled w/ BV for 5+ years. Tried dozens of remedies that provided only temporary relief for a couple of weeks at best. In a last ditch effort, I randomly found a review of this product. I was skeptical at first, but I'd already spent so much money on trying to "cure" myself that I decided $20 more couldn't be much worse. I cannot express how thankful I am that I didn't give up completely before finding this product. After about 2 weeks of use, I just knew the BV was gone for good. It's been a couple of months now, and none of the "activities" that normally caused the BV to flare have even come close to causing the problem to resurface. I'd spend this money all over again in a heartbeat. I'm still in a bit of awe that the "fix" was this simple after so many years of struggling. THANK YOU, Multi-Gyn, for granting me the opportunity to live a "normal" life again. I cannot recommend this product enough.

 by Anonymous

This product does magic. I don't think that I have ever wrote a review to anything, but it would be a crime not to talk about how great Multi-Gyn Actigel is! I was experiencing a horrible pain and I was ready to get antibiotics to treat BV. Itching and burning was so bad that I couldn't handle it anymore so I ran to the pharmacy and got this cream only to ease my pain. But it did the impossible- not only it stopped all of the burning in a minute, it also treated my BV completely! (it took me about 4 days)

If there is any product in the world that I could recommend for ANY pain or irritation around vagina- ActiGel is the one! I am getting one more package tomorrow morning, just so I could always have it with me and prevent myself from infections.

Well done, Multi- Gyn! I am fascinated 🙂